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1:43 scale 'O' Gauge oil drum brazier & camp fire

1:43 scale 'O' Gauge oil drum brazier & camp fire

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Attention to detail is paramount in scale models, and this 1:43 scale brazier and camp fire are no exception. Designed for 'O' gauge railway enthusiasts, each model is crafted to reflect the intricacies one would expect to find in real-life counterparts. The brazier, a repurposed oil drum, and campfire circled by stones, offer a slice of everyday life, accurately capturing the essence of a bygone era. Their presence on a railway scene brings depth and interest, serving as focal points that invite closer inspection.

These miniatures will sit comfortably within 'O' gauge layouts, elevating the overall scene with their presence. True to scale dimensions ensure they integrate seamlessly. The brazier stands at 20 mm tall with a 10 mm diameter, while the campfire measures at just 9 mm in height and spans 29 mm across. Supplied unpainted, these pieces await the personal touch of modellers to bring them to their full potential.

Text Description: 1:43 scale for O gauge railways. A brazier made from an old 44 gal oil drum. Dimensions 20 mm tall x 10mm dia. A camp fire within a circle of stones. Dimensions 9 mm tall x 29 mm dia.

"To achieve a similar finish on the brazier and campfire, I started with a fine brush and carefully applied a base coat to define the form and details. For the brazier, I used metallic paints to give it a weathered iron look, applying lighter and darker shades to suggest rust and age. The flames were painted with vibrant oranges and yellows, adding a touch of white for the hottest areas to convey the intensity of a real fire. The campfire was a pleasure to work on, carefully painting the stones and giving the wood a charred effect to reflect the look of burning logs. I enjoyed adding the small touches that bring these pieces to life on an 'O' gauge railway setup." - Stuart
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