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1:76 1950'S CARAVAN

1:76 1950'S CARAVAN

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This vintage caravan model captures the essence of the 1950s travel spirit in a 1:76 scale, suited for OO railway enthusiasts. I took great care in painting to reflect the era's design sensibilities while ensuring that the final finish blends seamlessly into a railway setting. The dimensions of this piece allow it to sit comfortably within a layout, complementing the overall look without overpowering other elements. It adds a touch of nostalgic charm and serves as a delightful accessory for period scenes.

Though inspired by an iconic decade, the design is robust enough to fit seamlessly into any post-war railway landscape. Taking pride in the detail and fidelity to the period style, this piece speaks to the careful balance between form and function in miniature crafting, aspiring to delight collectors and modellers with its understated yet distinct character. You should note, the model is supplied unpainted and may require some minor assembly.

4mm/1:76 for OO. Dimensions: Length 60mm, Width 24mm, Height 32mm.

Keywords: OO railway, 1950s caravan, resin miniature, 1:76 scale, railway accessory, vintage caravan.

"To achieve a finish similar to what you see here, I started by priming the resin with a light grey to provide a good base for the subsequent layers of paint. Then, I applied a pale blue acrylic as the main body colour, letting each layer dry thoroughly to avoid any tackiness. For the weathered look, I gently dry-brushed some off-white and very light rust tones around edges and features that would naturally show wear. The windows and details were carefully painted with a fine brush for precision. Lastly, I used a black wash to bring out the depth in the undercarriage and the wheel wells." - Stuart
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