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I have a deep interest in the little things that make models feel like they've been plucked straight from life and set down on a layout. This houseboat cabin, upgraded from a barge, showcases that interest. It's meant for an OO railway setting, and fits snugly into the bustling miniature world of railway boats and nautical scenes. I've kept the painting subtle to ensure it reflects the kind of lived-in look one might see on the waterways. The dimensions are carefully kept to scale, being 92mm in length, 46mm in width, and 22mm in height, making sure it has a credible presence beside other elements in the setting. Being geared for those engaged in the railway modelling community, attention to the scale and proportions is something I take seriously. And remember, while the image shows a painted model, the resin miniature is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise the colours to fit your collection. It is designed to fit the 20S27 dumb barge.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. Convert our dumb barge 20S27 into a small house boat with this model. Dimensions: Length 92mm Width 46mm Height 22mm.


"To achieve this look for the houseboat cabin, I started by priming the resin to ensure the paint would adhere well. I carefully chose a colour palette that would look realistic and representative of what you might see on a real-life waterway. Soft cream for the body with a muted blue for the window detail provided a contrast without being too flashy. Dark brown for the wood elements gave a natural feel, and a bit of grey for the roof elements added some visual interest. A touch of weathering to simulate wear from the elements completed the piece. The key is to apply paint steadily with a fine brush, allowing each layer to dry properly before adding the next, to maintain the fine details of the resin casting." - Stuart
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