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This hexagonal statue plinth, designed at a 1:76 scale for OO railway settings, offers a level of detail that enhances the depth and character of any scene. It's sized to pair nicely with other accessories in similar scales, creating a cohesive look and feel. With a care for precision in the brickwork and the overall form, the plinth fits right into an ornamental garden or a historic market square environment. Attention to scale accuracy is apparent in its dimensions of Length 25mm, Width 25mm, Height 22mm, ensuring a believable addition to your model landscape. I've made sure this model complements the miniature world it will inhabit. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing for customization to your particular aesthetic taste.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Small plinth to accommodate a bronze statue. Use for market square or ornamental garden scene.

Dimensions: Length 25mm Width 25mm Height 22mm

Keywords: hexagonal statue plinth, resin miniature, OO scale, 1:76 scale, railway accessories, model railway detailing, scenery enhancement, historical model scene, plinth for miniatures, mini plinth, market square detail, garden scene accessory.

"To achieve a similar finish to this hexagonal plinth, I started with a base coat of grey to highlight the texture of the stonework. Then, I used washes to bring out the shadows and add depth; lighter dry brushing helped accentuate the edges and details. For a touch of realism, I applied a subtle greenish patina to suggest weathering, particularly in the nooks and crannies where moisture would naturally accumulate. Finally, I painted the inset area with a bronze hue for contrast, simulating a space where a statue might be mounted." - Stuart
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