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This 1:56 scale miniature road deck represents a typical wooden section used in pontoon bridge construction, resonating with the precision and detail expected by historical wargaming enthusiasts. Its dimensions make it a fitting addition to any 1:56 scale wargame setup, providing a sense of depth and realism to battle scenarios. I've put care into ensuring that the dimensions align with real-world references, resulting in a piece that offers both visual appeal and functional gameplay.

While engaging with this miniature, you can appreciate the discernible individual planks and supporting beams, which add to its authentic appearance on the gaming table. Designed to enhance wargaming experiences, this model has been crafted with an eye for the small, yet significant details that bring a scene to life. This commitment to scale accuracy means that the model not only looks the part but integrates seamlessly with other 1:56 scale elements in a scenario. It's clear from its make that no aspect has been overlooked, from the overall structure to the subtle textures.

Dimensions: 151mm L x 57mm W x 7mm H. Internal width of 48mm.

Text Description: 1:56 for 28mm. Wooden road section for pontoon bridge building.

The model is supplied unpainted, allowing enthusiasts to customise

"To achieve a similar finish to this road deck section, I started by priming the base resin with a good quality primer to ensure the subsequent layers of paint adhered properly. Once the primer was dry, I applied a base coat of dark brown to represent the wood, followed by lighter brown dry brushing to highlight the texture and give the wood a weathered look. For the metallic parts, I used a gunmetal grey base followed by a silver dry brush to highlight edges and create a worn metallic effect. The final step was to apply a wash to accentuate the shadows and add depth to the details. Throughout the process, I focused on enhancing the fine details without going over the top." - Stuart
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