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This 1:56 scale resin model captures the essence of a contemporary one-person tent with precise detailing that reflects what one might see in real life scenarios. Forged with attention to scale accuracy, this piece fits seamlessly into any wargaming landscape. Designed with enthusiasts in mind, it provides a blank canvas for those looking to personalise their battlefield with realistic touches. Each miniature is a testament to the potential of detailed enhancements that can bring a piece to life, and it rests upon the hobbyist to paint and finish it to match their unique vision. Dimensions: Length 37mm, Width 35mm, Height 22mm. The model is supplied unpainted.

1:56 for 28mm. Dimensions: Length 37mm, Width 35mm, Height 22mm.

Keywords: scale tent, resin miniature, wargaming scenery, scale model, 1:56 scale, detail enhancement, hobbyist accessories, wargame terrain.

"To achieve the look of this small scale tent, I started with a base coat to ensure subsequent layers of paint would adhere properly to the resin. I selected a palette of naturalistic colors that would represent the fabric material of a modern tent. Delicate dry brushing techniques were used to enhance the texture of the tent’s surface and give it a worn, weathered appearance, complementing its setting in a wargame scenario. I then applied washes delicately to the recesses to create depth and to accentuate the details of this miniature. Finally, a protective matte varnish was used to seal the paint, ensuring longevity and resistance to handling during game play." - Stuart
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