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These scale model wooden coffins are designed to complement OO railway layouts as well as 20mm wargame settings. Cast in high-quality resin, each coffin features realistic wood textures and grain, faithfully scaled to 1:72. The attention to detail lends a convincing look to these accessories, which are equally suited for use as railway wagon loads or as part of your wargame scenery to enhance the visual storytelling.

The models capture the essence of vintage wooden coffins with carefully sculpted panels and hardware. The set includes three assorted coffins, each designed to be distinct in appearance to offer variety and interest to modellers and hobbyists.

For railway enthusiasts, these coffins can serve as intriguing wagon loads, adding a unique touch to your freight scenarios. For the wargaming community, they can act as scenario objectives or part of a detailed setup, enriching the battlefield tapestry.

Please note that these models come unpainted, allowing you to customise them to your liking. The dimensions are: Length 24mm, Width 8mm, Height 8mm.

1:72 for OO or 20mm. 3 assorted wooden coffins. Dimensions: Length 24mm Width 8mm Height 8mm.

Keywords: OO gauge, 1:72

"To achieve the finished look of these coffins, I started by applying a base coat in a suitable wood color, ensuring even coverage for a natural wooden base. Once dry, I added depth with washes, enhancing the wood grain details and shadows in the recesses. After the wash had dried, I dry-brushed with a lighter shade to accentuate the raised details, giving it a more weathered look. Finally, I applied subtle highlights to mimic light reflecting off the edges, which brings out the character of the wood. The small details, such as metal plates and handles, were carefully painted with a steady hand, followed by a light touch of rust effect to suggest age and exposure to the elements." - Stuart
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