There are lots of manufacturers making figures that are sold as 28mm.   When measured many of them vary in actual height from 26mm to 35mm in height.  This is not a criticism of the figs or sculptors. It is what it is. I have thousands of figs in all shapes and sizes in my own collection and I love them all.  Its only really a small issue when you place the figures beside model vehicles and accessories that are modelled to a specific scale.  Oil drums are one such issue. Here are my options for you if you are gaming using 28mm figs. 

The fig on the left is from Studio Miniatures and is 32mm tall. The one on the right is

1:56 scale from Warlord games at 28mm tall.  This image shows the figs beside my 44gal oil drum modelled to 1:56 scale.


Same figures but this time next to a 1:48 scale 44 gal oil drum. The larger scale drum looks better next to the larger fig.

Now here are two Warlord conversion's rolling a 1:56 scale drum and a 1:43 scale drum.

The 1:43 scale one looks too big. However its a preference that you might like.

Just because the oil drums are to an accurate scale doesn't mean they look right next to your figure choice. 

So if you are a 28mm fig gamer, to help you decide I have made various single  oil drums and piles of oil drums in 2 scales. You chose.

A 44 Imperial gallon drum is known in the U.S. as a 55 US Gallon drum. 

These are typically  876mm tall x 584mm diameter. 

1:56 scale = 15.64 mm tall x 10.42mm  diameter.        1:48 scale = 18.25 mm tall x 12.16 mm Diameter.

Here is how they look siting side by side. The difference is noticeable so its best not to mix them if they are going to be close together.

Be sure to look at the options before making your choice and adding to the shopping cart.  

Happy gaming.

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