Cargo Loading Logistics


This week I have been working on my own layout. I've been needing to do this for ages.

The major problem has been dust. So I bit the bullet and shipped everything off by sea to a holding area while I set to work with vacuum cleaner and fine paintbrushes. 

I'm only doing it in order to get set up for some photography so I can show the new model railway items I've been making of late.

Its also been a chance to do some track maintenance and cleaning.  I'll run some locos soon just see whats still working. I know of 1 set of points that is knackered. Watch you tube for spectacular train crash video.

I discovered that some 1:56 items were appearing when visitors cliked on OO model railways.  Sorted now. Other anomalies are being relentlessly hunted down and dealt with.

Another load for the docks.





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