To help you put the Clyde Puffer kit together, here are some helpful images showing the model in close up.

  • Wash all the resin components to remove any trace of mould release agent.
  • Check for fit of pieces before assembly and sand or file where needed. 
  • It is best to pre paint the deck before assembly as its quite tricky to do so after all the fittings are in place.
  • If you do paint the deck then remember to remove paint from the fittings mating areas for better glue adhesion.
  • Add thread or cord to create lower rungs of railing.
  • Once you have decided where you want to position the wheel house, drill the  4 holes for the ladder handrails.
  • Life ring (not shown) can be attached to the aft railings.
  • Anchor (not shown) can be lifted on deck using the small davit or hoist. Or attach it to the bow at the hawsepipe. 
  • Add extra details like wire stays for the mast, anchor chain and coils of rope on the deck.


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