I was wondering how I could incorporate some of the hundreds of wargames vehicles I have into

my OO gauge railway.  The inspiration finally came from watching Combat Dealers on TV. 

So here is my interpretation of a military vehicle dealership THE WAR WAGON.

This company specialise in sourcing rare WW2 vehicles and all sorts of military hardware and collectables.

They  also  restore old vehicles as well as trading in more recently retired trucks and AFV's. The showroom is in the 

process of being set up as a mini museum and will open to the public next year.

Owned by Craig Lindsey an ex Royal Engineer, the company is based in a large yard next to Mardam station

which is now home to the local rail preservation society.  History is being brought to life on both sides of the fence.

The name WAR WAGON is a salute to the John Wayne film of the same name. 

Just some of the amazing treasure trove  of equipment for sale.

The boss's 4x4 out front with the new arrival a partial restoration Kubelwagen 

Main showroom interior. This project is on going.

Some Studebaker trucks and a Bedford OYD in the showroom. 

Some WW2 wrecks alongside more modern vehicles.

This last image shows the interchangeable base board section for this model as it is prepared for insertion .

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