Up to the front......B Echelon sit rep.

Today's the day.....Its been a while but finaly the convoy is rolling again. Fresh supplies of resin miniatures are now available for imediate shipment to your battlefront

Yes.  The long anticipated Web Site is now live.  To those of you who managed to sneak in a wee order under the radar before today, Well done.  Now its everyone else's turn. No doubt there will be some teething problems, but it will work out in the end and we can all get back home for Christmas.

I've been busy over the summer working on lots of cool new stuff.  I even managed to paint up and detail some of my own 1:56 scale Sherman Fireflies. 

I know the barrels look massive. Its the lens on my phone.  Honest Guv.  " Right lads let hunt some Tigers"  

Tune in to this frequency to get up to date news on the latest products and goings on at ANYSCALE MODELS HQ.     

'Stuart out'. 



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