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1:100 scale COASTAL GUN EMPLACEMENT (pack of 2)

1:100 scale COASTAL GUN EMPLACEMENT (pack of 2)

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For wargaming enthusiasts playing in 15mm, this coastal gun emplacement offers an intricately detailed addition to your historical scenarios. Inspired by the fortifications from WW1 and WW2 on Orkney, I've ensured that the design reflects the era's engineering without being tied to a specific model, allowing for versatility on the battlefield. I've kept a keen eye on scale and proportion, ensuring that each aspect of the emplacement feels right alongside your 15mm figures. The positioning of the gun mounting and the realistic texture of the concrete elements bring a sense of presence and historical context to your gaming sessions.

100 for 15mm. Concrete gun emplacement + mounting for coastal gun emplacements. Not a specific type but based on ones from WW1 on Orkney. (pack of 2 emplacements. Guns sold separately)

Dimensions. 75 mm L x 7 mm W x 8 mm H.


The ‘IN ACTION’ images of this model are included here in order to give you some ideas for setting the scene on your own model railway or wargaming table. Many of the other items in the photographs are also produced by me and are available here from this site. The majority of the painting and detailing work was done using mainly acrylic paints due to their fast drying time. The process is to wash the resin model in warm soapy water to remove any traces of the silicone mould release agent. This will aid good paint adhesion. Next I recommend a primer, but I don’t bother unless the model will be subject to a lot of handling. After applying the main colours I then use a dark wash to increase the contrast and once dry a quick ‘dry brush’ with a lighter shade to pick up the raised details. Finally a spray or brush matt varnish for protection."- Stuart

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