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This Scottish tower house is a faithful representation of the small fortified stone houses typical of Scotland, capturing the essence of these historical structures at a 1:100 scale. The model boasts fine detailing in its textured stone walls and slated roof, contributing to its realistic appearance. Designed primarily for 15mm wargaming, its dimensions of Length 78mm, Width 64mm, and Height 149mm make it versatile for various strategic scenarios. It's also suitable as a 20mm wargaming building. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise it to your liking.

1:100 scale for 15 mm wargames. Small fortified stone house typical to Scotland. Would also work well as a small 20 mm wargame building. Dimensions: Length 78mm Width 64mm Height 149mm

"To achieve a similar finish to this Scottish tower house model, I started with a base coating to ensure that subsequent layers of paint adhered well to the surface. I then applied a stone grey tone, followed by a wash to accentuate the stonework details. For the roof, I used a slate grey with some dry brushing to bring out the texture. Windows and doors were carefully hand-painted to maintain scale accuracy, ensuring they didn't overwhelm the miniature's overall aesthetic. A final matt varnish was applied to protect the paintwork and give an authentic feel to the miniature." - Stuart
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