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1:43 scale 'O' Gauge 1 to 2 man tent

1:43 scale 'O' Gauge 1 to 2 man tent

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In crafting this 1:43 scale model, I aimed to achieve harmony with O gauge railways, providing a faithful representation of a classic ridge tent. The two-piece hollow casting allowed for adequate interior visibility while the inclusive end flap offers versatility in display. With the dimensions of 45 mm long, 34 mm wide, and 28 mm high, the scale is kept consistent and true to its real-life counterpart, ensuring it sits appropriately within its intended setting. This model is suitable for inclusion in the diverse, detailed world of railway modelling, enhancing the overall scene with its appearance. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

1:43 scale for O gauge railways

A 2 piece hollow casting of a small ridge tent with open end. Shown open but the end flap is included. Dimensions 45 mm Long x 34 mm wide x 28 mm high.

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"After base coating the tent in a neutral green, I built upon the tones, adding subtle shadows to replicate the fabric folds. A light dry brush accentuated the texture, suggesting wear from use. Detail on the flap was rendered carefully with a finer brush to give a sense of realism, while keeping within the 1:43 scale. When painting such a miniature, thin layers work best to maintain its intricate details and authenticity." - Stuart
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