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1:56 44GAL OIL DRUMS x 8

1:56 44GAL OIL DRUMS x 8

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Here's a set of 1:56 scale oil drums that could prove indispensable for setting the scene in wargames. Each drum is 10mm in diameter and 15mm tall, scaled to accompany 28mm miniatures quite nicely. From the accurate dimensions to the finely sculpted lids and ribbed sides, the level of detail catches the eye and brings a convincing touch of realism to any setting. These drums can be grouped for an industrial look or scattered for a bit of clutter in a military base. I enjoy going the extra mile to craft scale accessories that can bring table tops to life, and it's always rewarding to see them fit seamlessly into the world you're creating. Since wargaming is all about immersion, these accessories serve as an essential element to elevate your game. They are supplied unpainted, offering a blank canvas for hobbyists to customise.

1:56 for 28mm

8 x 44gal steel oil/fuel drums.

Use as truck loads and scene setting.

Dimensions: 10mm diameter x 15mm tall.


"To achieve this level of detail on the miniature oil drums, I started with a solid coat of primer to ensure the paint would adhere well to the resin surface. Once the primer dried, I applied a base coat of metallic paint to mimic the appearance of steel, followed by layers of washes to create depth and enhance the realistic texture. To create a well-used, weathered look that's common with field equipment, I dry brushed lighter shades on the edges, focusing on natural wear points, to highlight the raised details. A careful application of rust effects was added to suggest age and exposure to the elements. The decals were applied last to ensure clear legibility. All you need to bring them to life is your paint and brushes; the detailed resin casts take care of the rest." - Stuart
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