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1:56 AMMO BOXES x 12

1:56 AMMO BOXES x 12

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These small-scale ammo boxes are a perfect match for the enthusiast looking to add depth and realism to their wargaming scenarios. The scale ensures they sit unobtrusively on the gaming landscape, complementing the 1:56 figures and vehicles. The resin used is robust enough to handle regular gameplay, and the detail work captures the essence of WWII-era supply equipment — from the wood grain texture to the metal clasping details.

For wargamers who appreciate historical scenarios, these miniatures contribute to creating a more immersive experience. I took care to ensure each piece is a faithful representation of the equipment soldiers would have used during the period. The assortment of sizes allows for variation and adaptability to different wargaming setups.

Enthusiasts will find these models come with clear and consistent dimensions, enhancing their compatibility with existing setups. There are three each of four different sizes: 24mm x 12mm x 9mm, 24mm x 12mm x 7mm, 18mm x 12mm x 9mm, and 20mm x 9mm x 7mm.

Please note that the models are supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise them according to your aesthetic preference.

1:56 for 28mm

12 assorted wooden ammo boxes.

Dimensions: 3 @

"To achieve this level of detail on the miniature ammo boxes, I started with a good primer to ensure a solid base for further painting. I chose a palette of earthy colors to mimic the wooden texture and metallic elements found on real ammo boxes. Using a fine detail brush, I applied lighter shades to highlight the edges and darker shades to deepen the recesses, which accentuates the wood grain and metal fixtures. A steady hand is key when painting at such a small scale, and thinning the paints helps to maintain precision and avoid obscuring the intricate details. A final matte varnish protects the paintwork and adds to the realism by reducing any unnatural shine." - Stuart
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