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Crafted to complement any wargaming scene, these 1:56 scale resin miniatures lend an added layer of realism to your tabletop battles. I've taken care to ensure each box is designed to accurately reflect the sort of supplies found on historical battlegrounds. The finely detailed texture on each piece captures the look and feel of wooden ammo and weapon boxes, offering a sense of tangible history to your gaming experience. Suitable as larger boxes in a 1:72 scale setting, these versatile pieces can be adapted to different scales to suit your needs. The dimensions are practical for arranging in various settings and provide a sense of scale clarity on the game board. You'll receive these models in their base resin form, ready for you to paint and finish as shown in the image.

1:56 scale for 28 mm figs, 6 assorted wooden ammo or weapon boxes. Or use as larger boxes for 20 mm figs. Dimensions: 2 @ Length 33 mm Width 10 mm Height 7mm, 2 @ Length 24 mm Width 10 mm Height 7 mm, 2 @ Length 17 mm Width 10 mm Height 7 mm. The castings supplied may differ slightly from the ones shown. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

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"To achieve a similar finish to these ammo and weapon boxes, I started with a solid base coat in a wood-like color. After that, I carefully applied lighter shades to represent wear and wood grain, ensuring not to overdo it to maintain a realistic look. I also added subtle shading to the crevices to give the boxes depth and a more three-dimensional appearance. Finally, a matte varnish was used to protect the paintwork and give the boxes an appropriate non-gloss finish, enhancing the realism for wargaming scenarios." - Stuart
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