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This 1:56 scale half-track has endured the rigours of the battlefield, with evidence of conflict keenly represented in the detailed damage and wear. The exposed engine compartment and missing track assembly, combined with the thoughtful application of weathering, contribute to the model's compelling visual narrative. As someone who enjoys capturing the essence of historical vehicles, I made sure that the proportions match up well with the real thing, adhering to the scale. Attention to the finer details and adherence to historical references ensure this model fits seamlessly into wargaming scenarios, providing an immersive backdrop. It has dimensions of Length 112mm, Width 38mm, Height 44mm. Remember, the model comes unpainted, allowing you the opportunity to personalise it to your taste or wargaming requirements.

1:56 for 28mm. WW2 German 1/2 track supply truck. This one has had its right hand track assembly blown off and the engine compartment is exposed. Dimensions: Length 112mm Width 38mm Height 44mm.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, WWII military vehicle, miniatures, wargaming, vehicle model, resin miniature, historical wargames, military diorama, German half-track, supply truck model.

"To achieve a similar finish to this 1:56 scale WW2 half-track supply truck, I started with well-defined base coats, ensuring each panel and detail was cleanly delineated. Weathering techniques, such as dry brushing, washes, and a bit of sponge-applied chipping, brought out the realism, especially highlighting the battle damage. For the blown-off right-hand track assembly and exposed engine, careful use of metallic and rust tones, along with a light black wash, really made these features stand out. Strategic shading and highlights were key to giving depth to the entire model." - Stuart
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