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1:56 for 28mm WW2 British Army truck. Desert conversion with the cab cut off and side engine cowlings removed. Used extensively by the Brits and the Afrika Korps when captured. . Simple 8 piece quick kit. Assembly required. The Bedford OYD Cut Down was a modification of the standard Bedford OYD truck which was used by the British army during World War II for a variety of tasks including transportation, communication, and ambulance duties. The Cut Down version was created to provide greater mobility in difficult terrain, with the rear body and cab being cut down to reduce the overall height of the vehicle.

Dimensions: Length 114mm Width 40mm Height 35mm

"To achieve a similar finish to this Bedford OYD Cut Down model, I started with a clean base coat, selecting colours that resonated with the historical use of the vehicle in desert operations, such as sandy beige and muted yellows for the body, complemented by darker tones for the tyres and undercarriage to represent wear from rough terrain. I dry brushed the edges and surfaces for highlights, and added subtle washes to recesses to bring out the details and create depth. Weathering with a mix of thin brown paints and pigments, I simulated dust and wear particularly prevalent in desert warfare. The cabin interior received a careful application of olive drab, while the windows were carefully painted with a light blue tint to simulate glass.” - Stuart
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