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These sets of folded camo nets and tarpaulins are designed for use with 1:56 scale wargaming vehicles, providing an extra level of detail and realism to models representing World War II era military equipment. Taking inspiration from real-life counterparts, I've shaped each piece to convey a sense of weight and fabric drape that captures the essence of the materials used in the field. While they mainly serve to enhance the appearance of trucks and tanks in a wargaming scenario, these pieces can also add depth to any scene involving military models. Dimensions of each vary to offer a range of covering options to fit different vehicle sizes and types. Keep in mind, the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for full customisation to suit different army colour schemes and theatres of war.

1:56 scale for 28 mm figs. 6 assorted folded camo nets and tarpaulins. For trucks and tanks. Dimensions: Various.

Keywords: 28mm scale accessories, wargaming supplies, vehicle camo nets, miniature tarpaulins, resin wargame pieces, 1:56 scale military, war model detailing, camouflage net miniatures.

"To achieve a similar finished look for these camo nets and covers, I started with a base coat using acrylic paints. I carefully selected shades that would match typical military camouflage patterns and applied them with a fine brush for precision. Once the base coat was dry, I added layers of lighter colours to highlight the textures and give a worn effect. Weathering was done subtly with washes to accentuate the details, making sure to create a varied, realistic look. A final matt varnish was applied to protect the paintwork and reduce any unwanted shine, keeping the focus on the realism of these scale accessories." - Stuart
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