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This corduroy road is commonly used for traversing difficult terrain such as marshes or bogs, particularly in the Eastern front theatre of operations. With a finely sculpted surface to represent the felled logs, this scale model captures the essence of such a makeshift roadway. Designed for compatibility with 1:56 scale miniatures, it can effectively recreate historical scenes for wargaming setups. With dimensions of 250mm Long x 52mm Wide x 5mm Thick, this model fits seamlessly into a variety of battleground layouts.

In wargaming, I find that such pieces not only serve to enhance the tactical aspects of a game but also contribute significantly to the visual narrative on the table. They provide a real sense of context and grounding for the miniatures that interact with them.

This piece is an invitation to exercise your creativity, as it comes supplied unpainted, allowing for full customisation to match your specific scenic requirements.

1:56 for 28mm. A length of felled logs to create a road surface over marsh or bog. Ideal for Eastern front. Dimensions: 250mm Long x 52mm Wide x 5mm Thick.

Keywords: scale miniature, corduroy road, 1:56 scale, wargaming, miniature terrain, Eastern front, historical wargaming

"To achieve this finish on the corduroy roadway, I started with a base coat that set the tone for the wood. I used a selection of brown shades to add depth to each log, highlighting the wood grain and adding a touch of wear to suggest exposure to the elements. After the base colours dried, I carefully dry-brushed lighter tones to accentuate the texture further, giving it a more realistic appearance. Washes were applied sparingly to enhance the shadows between the logs. The final step involved delicate touches of mossy green to represent vegetation starting to overgrow between the wood in some areas, suggesting its use over an extended period." - Stuart
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