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This scale representation of a defensive feature brings the tactician's table to life. Focusing on the challenges faced in a flat battleground, this piece fills in the gap for representing underground defensive positions without the fuss of a sand table—the realistic contour of the forward lip mimics the earthy embankments used in historical battles. For enthusiasts who require precision, this model is scaled accurately for 28 mm figures and can hold positions for two. It's an ideal fit for miniatures based on 25 mm diameter bases. In addition, the model's dimensions of 118 mm frontage, 40 mm deep, and 17 mm high, with an internal frontage of 70 mm, ensures it integrates seamlessly on the wargame terrain.

1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames.

A small 2 man defensive feature.

Ideal for 25 mm dia based kneeling figs.

Dimensions 118 mm frontage x 40 mm deep x 17 mm high. Internal frontage 70mm.

A big problem we face on the flat wargames table is representing holes in the ground.

A sand table solves this but at immense weight and expense so this model is designed to play the role

of the forward lip of a hole in the ground.

Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, 28 mm wargames, defence miniature, resin terrain, wargames accessory, scale model defences, log fortification, tabletop gaming, miniature scenery, hobbyist accessories.

"To achieve a similar finish to this log reinforced defence feature, I began with a basecoat of dark brown to represent the wood, followed by dry brushing lighter shades of brown to bring out the details. Logs like these often have a bit of greenery growing on them, so I applied a mossy green to areas that would naturally accumulate moisture and moss. For the ground, I used a mix of earthy tones and topped it with a sprinkle of fine static grass for a natural look. The rocks were basecoated in a dark grey before being dry brushed with lighter greys to highlight their texture. Lastly, I made sure to vary the shades and colours slightly to provide a realistic appearance as no two rocks or logs look exactly the same." - Stuart
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