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Crafted with precision for the 1:56 scale, this floor standing pillar drill replicates the essential equipment found in workshops and garages. Its dimensions ensure it fits perfectly into scenes alongside 28mm figures, complementing any wargames setting. Attention to detail is evident in the sculpt, which echoes the distinctive features and form. Remember, while this image shows the model painted, it is supplied unpainted for you to customise to your preference.

Dimensions: 17mm L x 7mm W x 37mm H.

1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames. A floor standing pillar drill for factories, workshops and garages. Dimensions: 17mm L x 7mm W x 37mm H.

Keywords: pillar drill miniature, resin model, wargames scenery, detail for 1:56 scale, workshop accessory, garage equipment diorama, scale modelling, unpainted resin, miniature crafting.

"To achieve a look similar to this finished pillar drill, I started with a base coat that helps prime the resin for further layers. I then applied a selection of acrylic paints using a fine brush to pick out the intricate details. Gentle dry brushing highlighted the texture, giving the illusion of wear and tear appropriate for a workshop tool. A wash was used last to accentuate the shadows and give depth, resulting in a realistic appearance." - Stuart
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