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1:56 SKIFF

1:56 SKIFF

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As a keen enthusiast for historical miniatures, you'll appreciate this 1:56 scale skiff that's perfectly suited for enriching your wargame scenarios with a touch of realism. Looking at it, you'll notice the care taken in making sure the proportions reflect those of historical wooden boats used in various settings. This waterline model perfectly captures the essence of such a vessel that has seen many waterways in its time. I crafted each component to ensure compatibility with 28mm figures, allowing for seamless integration into your existing collection or scenes.

Focusing on how the skiff would have been utilised, you'll find the interior accurately detailed with bench seating, resembling the sort that rowers or passengers would have occupied. Careful application of paint and a clear varnish not only brings out the fine details but also provides a sturdy finish that will endure countless hours of gaming.

It's important to me that the items in your hands satisfy your need for precision and add genuine character to your wargames. This model, with dimensions 150 mm L x 36 mm W x 18 mm H, is built to scale, ensuring everything you deploy on your tabletop reflects real-life proportions and enhances the strategic depth of your battles.

Please note that the model comes to you unpainted, giving you the freedom to customise and paint according to your own vision.

"To achieve a similar painted finish to this skiff, I started with a base coat that complemented the natural wood colour I was aiming for. Once the base had dried, I used a variety of brown shades, applying them with a dry brush technique to enhance the wooden texture. For the interior, I selected lighter tones to contrast against the darker exterior, giving depth to the model. It's really about layering the colours and using simple techniques to bring out the details. Paying attention to the light and how it would naturally hit the skiff helped in deciding where to apply highlights." - Stuart
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