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Capturing the spirit of mid-century industry, this stack of eight 44-gallon oil drums is finely cast to bring a touch of realism to any 1:56 scale wargames scenario. The delicate attention to detail in the casting gives each drum individual character, which shines through when painted. Designed with wargamers in mind, they're perfect for creating compelling storylines and historically themed layouts. They serve as excellent truck loads or as essential components in scene setting, enriching the overall gaming experience. I've ensured that the dimensions are precise, each drum measuring 10mm in diameter and 15mm tall, while the overall stack measures 43mm in length, 21mm in width, and 15mm in height.

Text Description: 1:56 for 28mm. A single casting stack of 8 44gal steel oil/fuel drums. Use as truck loads and scene setting. Dimensions: Each drum. 10mm diameter x 15mm tall. Overall 43 mm L x

"Starting with a set of unpainted resin 44-gallon oil drums neatly cast as a single piece, I approached the model with an eye for realism and wear characteristic of field use. For the base coat, a neutral grey primer was applied to ensure paint adherence and to highlight any fine details. Once dry, a coat of olive drab was brushed on to give that military surplus look. I then dry-brushed lighter shades on edges and raised areas to accentuate wear. Subtle rust effects were applied using a sponge and a touch of brown and orange paint for a weathered appearance. Small details like the caps were carefully painted silver, and then a black wash was used to bring out the depth and provide a realistic contrast. The final step involved a matt clear coat to protect the paint job and reduce any plastic-like shine. This technique brings out the best in the model, making it ready to enhance any 1:56 scale wargaming terrain." - Stuart
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