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For wargaming enthusiasts looking to elevate their tabletop battles with historically resonant scenery, this set includes three carefully detailed T34 L-11 gun turrets. Cast at a 1:56 scale, they're designed to sit seamlessly alongside 28 mm figures, enriching the tactical landscape with their presence. Each turret is sculpted with attention to the characteristics synonymous with the T34, capturing the distinctive shape and surface detail that bring a sense of realism to your scenarios. As a fellow enthusiast, I take pride in ensuring these scale vehicle components bear the marks of history, representing the worn and battled aesthetic of WWII vehicles. I've found these to be a great fit for Stalingrad factory scenarios or any WWII Allied setup. Keep in mind the dimensions of these turrets: 64 mm L including barrels, 30 mm W, and 16 mm H. They'll arrive in their raw resin form, primed for painting.

Text Description: 1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames. A pack of 3 T34 L-11 gun turrets for filling out your Stalingrad factory scenarios. Dimensions. 64 mm L inc barrels x 30 mm W x 16 mm H.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, T34 turret, resin miniatures, WWII wargaming, Stalingrad, 28mm wargames, historical models, tank components, tabletop gaming accessories, war game terrain

"To achieve a finish like this, I applied a base coat using spray primer, ensuring even coverage. Once dry, I worked up layers of paint, starting with darker tones and gradually working up to lighter highlights on edges and raised areas. The weathering effects were added using a mix of washes, dry brushing, and pigments to simulate rust, dirt, and wear, emphasizing the historical context these turrets would have seen in battle." - Stuart
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