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1:56 T34 HULL DOWN with earth berm

1:56 T34 HULL DOWN with earth berm

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This 1:56 scale Russian T34 tank, positioned hull down behind an earth berm, brings to life a moment frozen in time. It captures the essence of a static fortification with an attention to detail that will resonate with both history buffs and wargaming enthusiasts. The textured surface of the berm and the natural stance of the tank contribute to a believable piece for wargaming scenarios set in WWII.

Finished to reflect the utilitarian appearance of the era, this model shows an understanding of the vehicle's operational environment. With dimensions of Hull only 90 mm L x 40 mm W x 8 mm H and Hull including turret 96 mm L x 20 mm H, and a Berm of 64 mm L x 61 mm W x 9 mm H, the model provides an accurate representation that complements any 1:56 scale collection. Do note that models are supplied unpainted for you to put your own spin on the final look.

1: 56 scale for 28 mm wargames Russian T34 buried in a hull down berm as a static fortification. Dimensions: Hull only 90 mm L x 40 mm W x 8 mm H. Hull including turret 96 mm L x 20 mm H. Berm is 64 mm L x 61 mm W x 9 mm H. Sketch shows the modelled portion of the tank that appears above ground.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, 28mm wargames, WWII, military vehicle, Russian T34 tank, static fortification, scale accuracy, wargaming, military miniatures.

"To achieve a similar finish to this model, I started with a base coat that reflects the terrain and historical context of the piece. Layering was key, as it gave depth to the paintwork. I used washes to accentuate details and create shadows for a more worn look typical of vehicles in the field. Dry brushing highlighted the edges and raised surfaces, imparting a sense of realism to the miniature. Weathering was the final step, focusing on areas that would naturally see more wear, and I added subtle mud splatters to ground the vehicle within its portrayed environment. Utilising a fine brush, I added specific markings to give the piece character and historical context. It's important to be patient and let layers dry thoroughly between steps." - Stuart
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