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This pair of slate tile roof sections at 1:56 scale is designed with detail in mind, ensuring it fits seamlessly within your wargame settings. The patterned texture accurately depicts the look of individual tiles, which provides a realistic backdrop for 28mm figures. Each section measures 104mm wide by 41mm top to bottom with a thickness of 4mm, providing a substantial element for your building projects without overpowering the miniature landscape. These models are created with an eye for the finer details, ensuring they integrate smoothly into historical or modern wargame scenarios. They arrive unpainted, allowing you to customise them to your taste.

1:56 scale model for 28mm wargames figures.

2 Pieces of slate tile or shingle roof.

Modelmaking spares for creating your own buildings.

Dimensions for each piece 104mm wide x 41mm top to bottom x 4mm thick.

Keywords: resin miniatures, wargames accessories, 1:56 scale, slate roof, tile roof sections, 28mm wargaming, building accessories, miniature roofing, detailed miniatures, model making.

"To create a similar item to the one in the image, I started with a base resin miniature of tiled roof sections. To achieve this level of finish, I used a detailed painting process, beginning with a base coat that helped to bring out the intricate pattern of the tiles. I then applied a wash to accentuate the shadows and textures, followed by careful dry brushing to highlight the edges and create a sense of depth and realism. The choice of colours aimed to reflect the appearance of weathered slate or shingles, adding to the realism of the scene." - Stuart
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