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This set of vehicle personal kit rolls is crafted with an eye for realism and precise scale compatibility to enhance 1:56 scale wargame scenarios. Each item is designed to represent rolled up bedding and similar supplies, bringing a sense of lived-in detail to any military or historical setup. The sizes have been thoughtfully crafted to accurately fit in with 28mm figures, ensuring they integrate seamlessly within your game terrain or vehicles. With six small stowage pieces in each set, there's ample opportunity to customise and detail your models. And while what you see is a painted example, each model is supplied unpainted, inviting you to add your personal touch to finish it according to your project's theme.

Dimensions: 2 @ 19 mm L x 6 mm W x 2 mm H, 2 @ 16 mm L x 6 mm W x 2 mm H, 2 @ 10 mm L x 8 mm W x 4 mm H.

1: 56 scale for 28 mm wargames. 6 small stowage items for vehicles. Rolled up bedding etc. Dimensions: 2 @ 19 mm L x 6 mm W x 2 mm H, 2 @ 16 mm L x 6 mm W x 2 mm H, 2 @ 10 mm L x 8 mm W x 4 mm H.

Keywords: 1:56 vehicle accessories, miniature personal kit, wargaming terrain, scale model supplies, resin kit components, miniature stowage rolls, tabletop gaming, 28mm scale accessories, military diorama, historical wargaming.

"To achieve the look of these rolled personal kit items, I started with a base coat of acrylic paints, selecting colors that conveyed the fabric material used for bedding and the straps for securing the rolls. I applied the base colors with a detail brush, taking care to ensure even coverage while maintaining the intricacy. Once the base layer dried, I used a fine-tip brush for highlights and shade to add depth, simulating the wear and fabric folds realistically. I found that a steady hand and a bit of patience during this step really paid off in the final appearance. After the highlight and shading process, I finished off with a matt varnish to protect the paint and give an authentic, non-glossy finish that one would expect from military-grade equipment." - Stuart
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