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This 1:56 scale strip of smoke pots offers a finely detailed addition to any World War II wargaming setup. I've crafted this piece with an eye for detail, striving to accurately represent the equipment used during the period. The pots arranged neatly in a row exude a pragmatic design, immediately ready for tabletop use. Historically, these would've provided crucial screening on the battlefield, and I believe the level of detail reflects their significance. In creating this model, scale accuracy was key – the dimensions are 54 mm L x 17 mm W x 10 mm H, just right to enhance your wargaming experience with realistic accessories.

1:56 for 28mm

A strip of small smoke pots for providing localised screening.

Dimensions : 54 mm L x 17 mm W x 10 mm H

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

Keywords: 1:56 WW2, smoke pots, resin miniatures, wargames, military modelling, WWII accessories, 28mm scale, tabletop gaming, historical wargaming accessories.

"To achieve this level of finish on the smoke pots model, I started by applying a primer to ensure the paint would adhere smoothly. Once the primer dried, I used a fine brush to apply the base coat, carefully selecting shades to give a realistic appearance of aged metal, paying close attention to the texture differences between the pots and the securing rings at their tops. A wash was used to enhance the crevices and add depth, followed by dry brushing to highlight the edges and create a worn look. I finished off with a matte varnish to protect the paintwork and added a touch of weathering powder for an authentic battlefield effect. Finally, I fixed the finished pots onto a textured base, which I then painted and added static grass to represent the ground." - Stuart
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