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Crafted to replicate the vehicles used extensively by Axis forces in World War II, this 1:56 scale Lancia 3RO truck model captures the essence of the era with great care. Designed with the enthusiast in mind, it fits seamlessly into any 28 mm scale wargame, adding historical context to the table. The three-piece kit comes together smoothly, which allows more time to focus on painting and customisation. I've made sure that the dimensions of this model - 126mm L x 41 mm W x 46 mm H - are proportionate, contributing to a more realistic and engaging gameplay experience. This model is intended for wargaming enthusiasts who appreciate historical vehicles and their role in game strategy.

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames WW2 Italian truck extensively used by the Axis forces in North Africa

Italy and the Balkans. Dimensions: 126mm L x 41 mm W x 46 mm H A simple 3 piece kit. Cab rear chassis rear body.

Keywords: Lancia 3RO, WW2 Italian truck model, 1:56 scale truck, wargaming miniature, Axis vehicles, North Africa campaign, miniature truck kit, historical wargaming, 28mm wargames vehicle

"To achieve a finish like this on the Lancia 3RO truck, I chose a palette that reflected the North African theatre where the vehicle was commonly deployed. Base coats were applied first to represent the vehicle's primary colour, followed by selective washes to outline the excellent details and to add depth. Dry brushing was employed to accentuate the raised features and to give the truck a weathered look, as if it had been traversing harsh terrains. The final touch was adding subtle dust effects, indicating the rigours of service in a dry, unforgiving environment. Completing this model was satisfying, especially seeing how well all the parts fit together with minimal effort." - Stuart
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