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1:72 MODERN GABION 4bins

1:72 MODERN GABION 4bins

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Crafted with a focus on realism and true-to-life scale, this modern gabion model captures the essence of contemporary military fortifications in a 1:72 scale. Each of the four bins is carefully shaped to reflect the same geometry and proportions you would expect to find in the real world. Ideal for OO railway layouts, these models add a layer of depth and tactical detail to scenarios. Similarly, being scaled for 20mm wargames, they serve as sturdy defences, enhancing both the visual appeal and the strategic options available to players. The bins possess clear, defined textures replicating the appearance of filled sandbags, capturing a true sense of what such defences look like and how they function in a compact format. Designed to fit seamlessly into a range of settings, these are an excellent choice for those who appreciate precision and historical context in their miniature collections. Dimensions: Length 64 mm, Width 16mm, Height 19 mm. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

1:72 for OO railways or 20mm wargames, Modern style gabions for creating defensive works. 4 bin casting. Dimensions: Length 64 mm, Width 16mm, Height 19 mm.

"To create a similar item to this one, I started with an unpainted resin base. I usually begin with a primer to help subsequent layers of paint adhere better to the surface. After priming, I apply a base coat in a colour that resembles natural hessian or sandbags, as gabions are often filled with earth. To achieve the textured effect, I dry brush lighter shades over the darker base to bring out the details. You can add some subtle weathering with washes to create depth and a sense of realism. Small touches like adding a hint of green to represent moss or soil staining contribute to the overall effect. For wargaming enthusiasts who value scale accuracy, this would make a fine addition to their set pieces." - Stuart
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