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As someone who takes pleasure in crafting scale models, I've taken special care to replicate the look and feel of actual defensive gabion works, scaled down to 1:72. They are appropriate for OO railway and 1:72 scale wargames, lending a touch of realism to any modern military or urban scene. The dimensions of each piece are faithfully kept to length 16mm, width 16mm, and height 19mm, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your existing setup.

This model is supplied unpainted, offering you the opportunity to customise the finish according to your specific scenario, whether that be for wargaming or complementing a OO railway display.

1:72 for OO railways or 20mm wargames Modern style gabion for creating defensive works. Pack of 5. Dimensions: Length 16mm Width 16mm Height 19mm.

"To achieve the finished look of these modern gabions, I started with a base coat of grey acrylic paint, which sets a realistic tone for the fabric bags and the filler material. Once dried, I applied a brown wash to bring out the texture and depth, simulating the earth contained within. Dry brushing with a lighter shade of grey highlighted the edges and corners, accentuating the intricate woven detail of the gabion baskets. Finally, I added subtle green weathering effects to represent moss and natural growth seen in a real-world setting. It's vital to let each layer of paint dry thoroughly before applying the next, to ensure the details remain crisp and clear." - Stuart
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