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This right angle corner section of an earthwork trench brings realism to any 1:72 model scene, featuring sharp, precise details that align with the scale specifications that wargaming and railway modelling enthusiasts appreciate. I've paid close attention to the proportions and textural elements, ensuring that the fortification feels like a part of its historical period. While designed specifically for 1:72 or 1:76 scenes, it works perfectly for OO gauge settings as well.

Crafted to add depth to a layout, the model's dimensions are Length 60mm, Width 60mm, Height 16mm, offering a considerable presence without overwhelming other elements. It fits seamlessly into both wargaming battlefields and historical railway dioramas. When set amongst other pieces, it contributes to a broader narrative of wartime life or period-accurate landscapes.

The model is supplied unpainted, giving you the freedom to customise it according to your project's specific needs.

1:72 for OO or 20mm, Right angle corner section of earthwork for trench or berm building, Dimensions: Length 60mm Width 60mm Height 16mm


resin miniature, 1:72 scale, OO gauge, earthwork, trench, corner section, military modelling, railway modelling, wargaming scenery, miniature defences, historical model.

"To achieve a similar finish to the piece you see, I started with a base coat of earth-toned acrylic paint to simulate dirt and mud. Once dry, I dry brushed a lighter shade to highlight the details and textures of the woodwork and sandbags. For the wooden sections, I used a dark brown wash to deepen the recesses and bring out the grain. The grassy areas were created using a static grass applicator; this allows for a realistic, uneven growth effect. I finished it by applying a subtle amount of weathering powder to enhance the worn look typical in military scenarios." - Stuart
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