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This inside corner section of a trench model captures the essence of historical defences at a 1:72 scale, suitable for enthusiasts who appreciate detailed wargame scenarios or for railway modellers who strive for accuracy in their displays. Crafted to resemble a weathered earthwork, the structure's brickwork is sharply defined, evoking the look of fortifications used throughout history. Whether dug into the ground or serving as a standalone piece, this model enhances any scene, bringing dimension and a sense of realism. I took care to ensure the scale provided an authentic representation of such fortifications, so that when placed within a wargame or railway scene, it blends seamlessly.

Dimensions: Length 43mm Width 43mm Height 16mm. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise the palette to match your specific scenario.

1:72 for OO or 20mm. Corner section of earthwork for trench or berm building. Dimensions: Length 43mm Width 43mm Height 16mm.

Keywords: trench, earthwork, miniature, wargame accessory, inside corner section, fortifications,

"To create a similar item to what you see in the image, I started by applying a base coat of dark brown paint to the entire resin piece to give a deep earthy tone. Details such as individual bricks were then picked out with a lighter shade to give them definition and create a more realistic texture. I applied a wash to settle into the crevices, accentuating the details and giving the piece more depth. Then, I dry brushed a lighter tone over the top to highlight the edges and textures. For the earth parts, I used various shades of brown and green, working up from dark to light to create a natural appearance of soil and grass. Small patches of flock were added to represent grass, applied with a dab of glue where I thought greenery might grow, especially on top and along the edges where sunlight would most likely help it thrive." - Stuart
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