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This 1:76 scale canal houseboat model captures the charm of a traditional waterway lifestyle, carefully sized to complement both OO railway layouts and 20 mm scale wargames. The representation of the narrow boat, converted to a houseboat, is thoughtful, with each window and panel hinting at a life on the water. This resin casting features a hollow interior and includes a delicately proportioned metal tiller, which brings a tactile quality to the model. The dimensions are 206 mm L x 29 mm W x 18 mm H, fitting comfortably within a scenic layout or as part of a historical wargame scenario.

The appeal for enthusiasts lies in the ability to incorporate this houseboat into a historical or modern setting, reflecting the versatility and enduring presence of these boats in British waterways. Whether setting a scene for railway enthusiasts or preparing for a strategic wargame, this model offers a touch of realism and a nod to the cultural heritage of canal life.

Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for customisation to match the unique preferences of your collection or layout.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Waterline model of a 51.3 ft canal narrow boat converted

"To create a similar houseboat miniature to this painted model, I started with a base coat of primer to ensure the subsequent layers of paint adhered well to the resin surface. I chose a palette that resembled traditional canal boat colours, using acrylic paints for their ease of use and quick drying time. I carefully painted the main body in segments, allowing each colour to dry before applying the next to avoid any bleeding. For finer details, such as the window frames and the trim on the boat, a steady hand and a fine brush were key. Lastly, the metal tiller was painted in a metallic finish to contrast with the matte look of the boat. With patience and attention to detail, any hobbyist could achieve similar results." - Stuart
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