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This 1:76 scale waterline model captures the essence of a 53ft canal narrow boat, once a common sight on Britain's waterways. With careful attention to detail and scale fidelity, it suits both railway layouts and wargame settings, integrating seamlessly into period scenes or as part of a historical fleet. The casting is solid and includes a metal tiller that adds an extra touch of realism to the overall look.

I take particular interest in making sure the proportions are accurate, so when you add this model to your collection, it faithfully represents its full-sized counterpart. It's ideal for those who enjoy customising their miniatures, as it provides a great starting point for painting and adding personal touches. Dimensions are 212mm L x 28mm W x 22mm H.

The model is supplied unpainted, allowing enthusiasts to personalise it according to their specific tastes or the needs of their setup.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Waterline model of a 53 ft canal narrow boat in use as a tank boat. Solid casting with metal tiller. Dimensions. 212 mm L x 28 mm W x 22 mm

"Starting with the base resin miniature, I utilized a range of acrylic paints to bring out the character of the canal tank boat. I focused on achieving a realistic worn appearance that reflects the boat's working history. The side hull was given a darker wash to accentuate the detail and suggest years of use on the canals. The deck's detailing was highlighted using a lighter dry brush technique, while carefully painting the cabin structures ensured they stood out. Subtle rust effects were applied to the metal areas to add to the realism. A For hobbyists aiming to achieve a similar result, I recommend building up the colors in thin layers, allowing for controlled weathering and more natural transitions between hues. Using reference images of real canal tank boats can also guide color choice and weathering effects." - Stuart
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