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As a lover of capturing the essences of historic structures in miniature form, this piece reflects the character of a small stone-built building with crow-step gables. It is designed with an eye for realism and scaled appropriately at 1:76 for both railway enthusiasts and for those interested in wargaming scenarios. Every stone and texture on the model has been given careful consideration to ensure it resonates with the authenticity of Scottish architecture.

The balance between the finer detailing and the robust construction of the casting allows for accurate representation without compromising the integrity of the model. It is intended for those who appreciate a building with a story, offering a backdrop of history and charm to OO railway layouts or to 20mm wargames.

This model is fashioned with detailed dimensions: 77 mm Long x 62 mm Wide x 70 mm High. It's important to note that while the image shows a painted version, the model is supplied unpainted to allow for personalisation.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20mm wargames A 1 piece hollow resin casting of a small stone built building with crow step gables Dimensions. 77 mm Long x 62 mm Wide x 70 mm High.


OO railway, 1:76 scale, resin miniature

"To recreate the weathered look of this model, I started with a base coat of grey primer to ensure the subsequent layers of paint adhered well to the resin surface. I then applied a mixture of earthy and stone-colored acrylics to replicate the appearance of aged stone. To bring out the texture and detail, I used a dry brushing technique with lighter shades, focusing on the edges and raised surfaces to mimic natural wear. For added realism, I applied washes in select crevices to give the impression of grime and shadow, enhancing the derelict feel. The finishing touch was a light application of mossy green in nooks and crannies to suggest the growth that occurs on abandoned structures." - Stuart
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