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As someone deeply passionate about modelling, I find great satisfaction in delivering products that resonate with fellow enthusiasts. This 1:76 scale canal houseboat is modelled on the steel hull narrow boats that have been converted into charming and utilitarian living spaces on the water. Its details are reflective of the vessels that navigate the waterways, offering a realistic addition to both railway models and wargames setups. The crafted details aim to capture the essence of these unique living spaces without any exaggerated flourishes. While designed for OO scale railways, the versatility of this model lends itself well to complementing 1:76 scale wargames landscapes too. I've carefully considered the intricacies one would expect to find on the actual boats, ensuring that the scale conveys a true to life representation. It is this attention to historical relevance and scale precision that I believe highlights the quality of the piece. The model measures 150 mm L x 27 mm W x 18 mm H, providing substantial detail in a compact form.

Please note, the model is provided unpainted, allowing you to bring your artistic vision to life.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Waterline model of a steel hull canal narrow boat converted to a house boat. Dimensions. 150 mm L x 27 mm W x 18 mm H

Keywords: scale model, canal houseboat, 1:76 scale, OO railway, waterline model, steel hull, narrow boat, house boat, wargaming accessory.

"To achieve the look of this canal houseboat, I went for a realistic and lived-in appearance. I started by applying a base coat in a shade that closely resembles traditional boat colors. Once dry, I worked on the finer details, such as the windows and the roof, using a fine brush for precision. I made sure to keep the paintwork neat, but also added subtle weathering effects to give the boat character, suggesting it has been well-used along the canals. Washes were utilised to accentuate the textures and lines, with dry brushing to enhance the raised details. It's a straightforward process that requires patience, a steady hand, and an eye for detail." - Stuart
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