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This canal houseboat is a representation of a once-comfortable living space, turned into a scene of abandonment and decay. As a waterline model, it shows how nature can reclaim what was made by human hands. It is just one vessel  from my extensive range of 1:76 scale resin cast pieces that are designed to help you create all sorts of interesting scenes on your model railway. Whether for harbours, canals, rivers or quay sides you are sure to find lots of unique pieces in this collection to help you with your project. As a keen railway modeller myself, I have tried to make the majority of the models requiring no assembly. Some do, but I have then tried to keep the parts to as few pieces as possible. All are supplied unpainted giving you the opportunity to personalise it with a paint scheme that fits your own layouts era. The final look is up to you.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Waterline model of a steel hull canal narrow boat converted to a houseboat. This one has been swamped and partially submerged.

Dimensions: 155 mm L x 28 mm W x 15 mm H.

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