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This canal lock set, designed at a scale of 1:76, suits OO railway layouts and 20mm scale wargames, allowing for versatile use in various settings. The attention to detail in the brick wall sections and gate mechanisms aims to reflect the structural nuances of the real-life counterpart, whilst the range of widths possible ensures adaptability to a variety of canal scenarios. The inclusion of the gate recesses and narrow brick pathways enhances the overall aesthetic and function, providing depth to the layout and adding an extra level of strategy for wargaming scenarios. The overall dimensions ensure a substantial presence on any layout or wargame setup without overpowering the scene. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing enthusiasts to personalise the finish to their taste.

Dimensions: 440 mm L overall x 5 mm thick walls x 24 mm H. Internal Length of lock from 1 set of gate hinges to the next set is 280 mm.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Canal lock set comprising 4 brick wall sections, 2 pairs of gates, 2 pairs of gate recesses, 2 steps and 10 narrow brick pathways. Dimensions. 440 mm L overall x 5 mm thick walls x 24 mm H. Internal Length of lock from 1 set of gate hinges to the next set is 280 mm. The walls can be set apart to create locks ranging from 47mm to 73mm wide. The 'in action' photos show it on my own layout set up to accommodate a single narrow boat. You can make it wider by altering the gate closing angle to take 2 boats side by side. Multiple sets could be added together to create a flight of locks.


"To achieve the finished look of this canal lock set, I began by applying a base coat of grey to mimic the stone, and carefully painted the woodwork and metal components to reflect the aged appearance seen in real life. A wash of darker shades highlighted the brickwork details and gave depth to the textures. Adding subtle weathering effects, like small patches of moss or discoloration, brought the model to life. For hobbyists looking to recreate this appearance, taking the time to add layers of dry brushing will enhance the details, and paying attention to historical references for colour choices will ensure realism in the final display." - Stuart
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