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This scale model of a waterline Clyde Puffer, set at 1:76, captures the essence of these hardy vessels that navigated the rivers and coastal waters. Care has gone into reproducing the dimensions and features based on the original 1904 ships, with consideration for both railway enthusiasts and wargamers looking for period-accurate pieces. The model includes finer details such as tiller steering, removable hatch covers, and a wheelhouse that can be placed as desired. Wire handrails and a robust mast and boom contribute to the model's character. It comes with 28 pieces, promising a straightforward assembly experience for a rewarding addition to any harbour scene. The waterline model measures 270mm long and 75mm wide at the hull, reaching 62mm to the top of the wheelhouse and 138mm to the mast's peak. This kit is supplied unpainted, allowing for customisation to one's own taste or historical fleet colours.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20mm wargames figures. Waterline model of a Clyde puffer. Based on drawings of the 66’6” long Garmoyle & Ailsa 100grt ships built in

"To achieve a similar finish to this Clyde Puffer model, I started with a base coat of primer to ensure the top coats of paint would adhere well and show true colours. I then painted the hull, deck, and superstructure using carefully chosen colours to reflect the historical vessels. For the decking effect, I used a lighter colour and added details such as the hatch covers, using a fine brush for precision. The wheelhouse and other fixtures were painted with care to ensure a neat finish. I applied subtle weathering to enhance realism, replicating the effects of saltwater and general use without overdoing it. To complete the model, I attached the wire handrails and fitted the mast and boom to the deck, ensuring everything sat correctly aligned." - Stuart
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