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This waterline model captures the charm of a steel hull dumb barge converted into a houseboat, ideal for both 1:76 railway modelling and wargaming enthusiasts. It offers a glimpse into the resourceful transformation of a classic barge into a quaint floating residence, perfect for adding character to any scene. Scale accuracy ensures it fits seamlessly alongside other models, contributing to the realism of layouts and dioramas. It's evident that careful thought has gone into the design to reflect how these vessels look and sit in water, with attention to their unique structure and use of space.

For a realistic setting on model railways or in wargaming scenarios, this piece provides a delightful nautical touch. The attention to structural details and how the houseboat would operate help to create an engaging backdrop or focal point. Its dimensions are 170 mm L x 51 mm W x 36 mm H.

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customisation.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Waterline model of a steel hull dumb barge converted to a house boat. Dimensions. 170 mm L x 51 mm W x 36 mm H

Keywords: scale model houseboat, 1:76 boat miniature, wargaming scenery, model railway nautical, OO gauge boating, resin waterline ship, converted barge, mini houseboat.

"To achieve a similar finish to this houseboat miniature, I used acrylic paints, starting with a primer to help the paint adhere to the resin surface. I selected earthy tones for the hull to give it a weathered appearance, while brighter colours were applied to the cabin and deck features to add contrast. Small brushes allowed me to get into the nooks and crannies, giving each window pane and door detail. The waterline was carefully painted to represent the interface between the boat and water, enhancing the realism. For the best results, take your time with each layer, allowing for complete drying in between. Patience and a steady hand were key to achieving crisp lines and realistic detail." - Stuart
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