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This 1:76 scale resin propeller brings a touch of realism to any maritime or railway scene, capturing the rugged characteristics of a naval relic for your OO railway layouts or wargaming terrains. It's all about the believability of the piece, with careful attention to its proportions and the distressed quality that tells its own story. I took special care to ensure the dimensions were accurate, giving the piece a natural fit within the established settings of your models. Whether you're putting together a bustling dockside tableau or crafting a deserted scrapyard corner, this propeller adds depth and narrative. Capturing the essence of a piece that's seen the ravages of time and the harshness of the sea, this model stands out as a feature in your collection. This propeller measures 35mm in diameter by 11mm, striking a fine balance between presence and intricacy. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted for you to finish as you like.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Damaged 3 blade boat propeller for quay side or scrap yard scene. Dimensions: 35mm dia x 11mm

Keywords: 1:76, OO railway, scale model, resin miniature, wargaming, nautical, boat propeller, scrapyard, hobby, crafting, damaged propeller, di

"To achieve this look for the damaged ship's propeller, I focused on the subtleties that come with aging and the natural wear and tear you'd expect to see on such an object. After priming, I applied a base coat that mimicked rusty metal, adding washes to emphasize the details and grime accumulation. I used dry brushing to highlight edges and texture, and finished with subtle rust and verdigris effects to give it that weathered appearance. By building up layers, the final product has a more authentic look that suggests it has been resting in the elements for some time." - Stuart
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