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This 1:76 scale houseboat model captures the essence of a steel hull canal narrow boat that's been converted into a dwelling, partially submerged by the bow. Designed with an eye for realism, the proportions align closely with what would be found in both railway settings and wargaming environments. The attention paid to the design ensures that it can seamlessly fit into a variety of scenes, providing depth and a touch of realism for collectors and enthusiasts alike. While it stands out for its details, this model maintains a humble presence on both the railway layout and the wargaming table. Dimensions are 132 mm L x 27 mm W x 18 mm H. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Waterline model of a steel hull canal narrow boat converted to a house boat. This one is going down by the bow. Dimensions. 132 mm L x 27 mm W x 18 mm H

Keywords: 1:76 scale model, canal boat, houseboat, steel hull narrow boat, OO railway, wargaming, waterline model, miniatures, hobby modelling, resin boats, detailed craftsmanship

"As a hobbyist who enjoys bringing miniature models to life, creating this flooded canal houseboat was an engaging process. I started with a base coat to establish the foundation of the colour scheme. Once the base coat was thoroughly dried, I applied various washes and dry brush techniques to bring out the details and textures, simulating rust and weathering for that lived-in look. Careful attention was given to painting the windows and doors to give them a realistic appearance. Lastly, I added subtle hints of wear and water damage to depict the flooded aspect convincingly." - Stuart
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