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These ship fenders are designed with attention to detail and proportion, reflecting their use in contemporary harbour settings at a 1:76 scale, perfect for OO railway layouts. Capturing the essence of the maritime environment, these models are intended for hobbyists who appreciate nuances in their scenes. The modelling of the fenders is such that they portray the bulky yet necessary aspect of harbour equipment. Their size of 37 mm long, 16 mm wide, and 15 mm high aligns well with other elements in a scaled-down harbour scenario, ensuring consistent scale accuracy throughout your display. This pack includes two single-piece solid castings, ready to incorporate into your project for adding that extra layer of depth. Please note, as expertly shown in the image, you'll need to provide your own chain or rope for attachment, as these are not included. Supplied unpainted, they offer the perfect blank canvas for you to apply your artistry.

Text Description: 4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways. Large rubber floating fenders for larger vessels on modern harbour scenes. Single piece solid casting with flat waterline base. Pack of 2. Require chain or rope for attaching to quayside (not included). Dimensions: 37 mm Long x 16 mm Wide x 15 mm High.

Keywords: resin miniatures, OO railway, quayside accessories, ship fenders, harbour scene, scale modelling, railway boats, nautical miniatures, floating fenders, hobby detailing

"To achieve a similar finish to these quayside ship fenders, I used a base coat of acrylic paint to emulate the rubber material. Highlighting was minimal to keep the realism, focusing on areas where natural light would hit. Weathering was done subtly with a wash to accentuate the texture detail and give a sense of exposure to the elements." - Stuart
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