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For hobbyists and collectors who appreciate finely crafted scale miniatures, this 1:76 scale rough stone harbour wall internal corner provides an evocative slice of maritime charm reminiscent of Scottish fishing villages. The thoughtful design features a gentle 5-degree slope, capturing the essence of stonework that has stood the test of time against the lapping tides. Each miniature is designed with attention to the distinct textures found in coastal settings, ensuring that your railway or wargaming scene conveys a sense of realism grounded in careful observation.

Ideally suited for OO gauge railway enthusiasts and 1:76 scale wargamers alike, this resin piece effectively enriches any layout with an air of historical plausibility. Dimensions: 12 mm L x 12 mm W at base, 8 mm W at top x 30 mm H. Model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames.

Rough stone harbour wall inside corner section with 5 degree slope.

Inspired by many of the Scottish fishing villages.

Dimensions. 12 mm L x 12 mm W at base 8 mm W at top x 30 mm H

Keywords: scale miniatures, resin models, OO gauge, 1:76, harbour wall, Scottish village, maritime, historical, wargaming scenery, railway modelling.

"To achieve this look for the rough stone harbour wall corner piece, I started by applying a base coat in a grey shade to represent stone. Once the base coat was dry, I used dry brushing techniques with lighter grey tones to bring out the texture and mimic the natural highlights of rough stone. A wash of diluted black paint was applied selectively into the recesses to give depth and emphasize the individual stones. To finish, I carefully added subtle greenish tints to represent moss and weathering typical of a sea wall exposed to the elements." - Stuart
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