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This small sailboat at 1:76 scale has been crafted with a keen eye for detail, suitable for both OO railway enthusiasts and wargames with a nautical theme. Its waterline model is an accurate representation of a covered sailing boat complete with mast and boom, designed to enhance scenic layouts and gaming scenarios alike. The hand-finished touches bring out the texture and contours of the hull, giving the piece a realistic appearance, consistent with its historical counterparts. While small in stature, the craftsmanship ensures that it holds a presence whether positioned among other vessels or as a standalone feature in a layout. Dimensions provided ensure precision and consistency within your setting: Hull 62 mm L x 23 mm W x 10 mm H; 63mm H to mast head. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. Waterline model of a small covered sailing boat with mast and boom. Dimensions. Hull 62 mm L x 23 mm W x 10 mm H. 63mm H to mast head.

Keywords: scale model, sailboat miniature, 1:76 scale boat, OO gauge, wargaming nautical, railway modelling, waterline ship model, mini boat, resin miniature

"Starting with a clean base model, I applied a primer to ensure the paint adhered well to the surface. Then I chose a palette that reflected a weather-worn appearance to give the boat a sense of history and usage. Subtle dry brushing emphasized its details and added depth. The mast was painted with a natural wood finish to contrast against the boat's body; this required a steady hand and some patience for a realistic effect. Using waterline painting techniques, I replicated the look of a boat partially submerged, blending with the imagined water's surface. A light varnish coat provided protection and a slight sheen, akin to a boat in natural light." - Stuart
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