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This small stone-built Highland church captures the essence of Scottish architecture in miniature, making it a delightful addition to both OO railway landscapes and 20mm wargame settings. Crafted with attention to detail, this hollow resin cast has a textured stone appearance and features large stone slates on the roof, characteristic of the region's historical buildings. I've ensured that the dimensions are true to the 1:76 scale, creating a believable scene on your tabletop or railway setup.

Dimensions are 97 mm long x 52 mm wide x 60 mm high to the roof, with the gable top reaching 69 mm. Please note, this model is supplied unpainted.

Keywords: Scottish Kirk, OO railway, 1:76 scale miniature, wargames scenery, resin church miniature, stone-built Highland church, resin casting, detailed miniatures, scale model buildings, hobbyist wargaming, realistic miniature building

"To achieve the look of this miniature Scottish Kirk, I started with a basecoat of grey to bring out the stone texture of the walls and then worked in various shades to add depth and age to the stone. For the roof slates, a darker shade was applied to represent the large stone tiles commonly seen in Highland churches, with lighter dry brushing to highlight the texture. A simple wooden door was painted with a natural wood colour and metal fixtures were picked out in a muted metallic tone. To finish, the model was set on a base that was textured and painted to resemble grass, adding a touch of the Scottish landscape to the overall presentation." - Stuart
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